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Facial Tanning Lotions


  • This facial product is an intensified high tech tanning lotion with a wealth of skin enhancing benefits.
  • It's enriched with silicone for a smooth application, and luxurious, radiant looking skin.
  • Contains premium bronzers and the latest anti wrinkle and facial treatment ingredients.

Sorbet Dream Cream

  • Sugarcane Squalene- Helps to provide weightless hydration, balance excess oil, soothe, and promote a plum, firm appearance to the facial skin.
  • Vegan Collagen– helps to strengthen and condition the skin to visibly improves texture and suppleness while also helping to restore skin’s natural bounce and resilience, diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Watermelon Extracts – Helps to soothe irritation, deliver essential vitamins and work as a natural anti-inflammatory.

iFace Plus

  • This multi-use formula was created to enhance your facial tanning results while also lifting, toning and promoting collagen production.
  • This Mattifying color correcting serum is designed to provide the skin with the vitamins and nutrients for the health and wellness of your delicate facial skin.
  • While also reducing discoloration, and brightening skins tone. If what you desire is flawless, airbrushed results