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Facial Tanning Lotions


  • This facial product is an intensified high tech tanning lotion with a wealth of skin enhancing benefits.
  • It's enriched with silicone for a smooth application, and luxurious, radiant looking skin.
  • Contains premium bronzers and the latest anti wrinkle and facial treatment ingredients.

White2Black Face

  • Color correcting and tan enhancing instant and delayed, DHA facial bronzer.
  • Chicory Extract – Provides an immediate tanned appearance 60 seconds after application.
  • Blended with multiple accelerators that work to target melanin production and achieve fast, dark tanning results.

Color Pop

  • Instant bronzing beads for a POP of color that washes off at the end of the day.
  • Sensitive Skin, non comedogenic, fragrance free formula for all skin types.
  • Facial tan enhancer to help create a golden glow.